Welcome to DIY Marketing

Modern small business owners have a wide range of responsibilities when it comes to marketing and advertising.  If you can't afford to hire a marketing firm or in-house marketing professional this is the place to find great ideas for easy, sometimes free, marketing and advertising.
Included with our resource directory are links to special offers and promotions from online companies that can assist with your marketing efforts. 
DIY Marketing has tons of resources for the small business owner who performs most of the daily marketing tasks him/herself. From web design and promotion to printing and graphic design, DIY Marketing can help you find the resources you need quickly and easily. 

How to Use DIY Marketing

The DIY Marketing website will walk you through some of the basic steps for the Do-It-Yourself Small Business Marketer to follow. Some small business owners decide to handle the marketing themselves because they love that side of the business; however, most do so out of necessity. Either way, DIY Marketing can make your efforts pay off while keeping your investment low.
Choosing a place to start can be a challenge, but we think the best way to advance your DIY Marketing agenda is to remain calm and not to get overwhelmed.  While all of your marketing efforts are important, we recommend the following ordered steps.

DIY Marketing Steps to Success

Do-It-Yourself Marketing For Small Business